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Neighbors support John Moravec

Dave Hutchinson, Hennepin County Sheriff

“As a neighbor and friend, I support John Moravec for Bloomington school board. He is gracious, respectful, and has always been true to his word. I’m especially grateful for his help in my campaign for sheriff. Working together, we can build a safe and prosperous community for all of us.”

Jamie Bojado, Bloomington parent

“John Moravec is a dedicated community advocate who cares deeply about the future of our children. He is innovative, creative, inclusive, and most importantly determined to achieve exciting new possibilities within the school board. Moravec is committed to making sure all children work together to build a productive society with curiosity, ingenuity, and respect. I am excited to see his energy, experience, and commitment at work here in Bloomington.”

Kate Peer, Bloomington business owner

“As a group travel director, I am focused on connecting our local community with the world. I’m voting for John Moravec for school board because I trust him to ensure that graduates from Bloomington Public Schools will develop into competent, global citizens. John is a champion for education for all with a high standard of integrity.”

Anita Smithson, Bloomington parent

“I support John Moravec for Bloomington School Board because we share many values, including the celebration of diversity, and intentional inclusion. Schools are the backbone of a community – and the foundation of education is so important for the life outcomes of students as well as the strength of our community. As our community changes, and the needs of students and our workforce change, these values are going to be essential in ensuring we respond in an equitable way. I have three children: a kindergartener, as well as two younger children who will enter the Bloomington Public Schools in the coming years. I am personally invested in their success—but also the success of all children in the BPS. These shared values, and John’s work in education makes him uniquely qualified for the Bloomington School Board and why he has enthusiastically earned my support.”