Meet John Moravec

“I will be a school board member who listens, who is more present in our schools, transparent in how we operate, and I will honor the work, effort, and skills it takes to be an effective educator.”

I am running for school board because I believe we need to put kids and teachers first. It is time for positive change.

Bloomington Public Schools is a great district, renowned for its highly qualified and experienced teachers, advances in technology integration, and quality educational programming. I want to keep our district strong, and I think we can do better. I’ve been out door knocking and meeting with folks, and people strongly feel that we need a fresh voice to represent all of Bloomington on the school board.

I’m running to put our kids and teachers first and to help bring a voice for all community members to the district. We need leaders in our schools who listen, are more present, and honor the work, effort, and skills it takes to be an effective educator. I am proud to be endorsed by the Bloomington Federation of Teachers. Our teachers and staff deserve to be listened to and treated as professionals. I will strive for equitable education for all students, ensure our schools are inclusive and safe, and work to better support our district’s working families.

We can and will do better. Please vote for me to fight for our kids and schools, and help bring a voice to all – students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members.

Career success

“I will use my business background as an asset to be a watchdog to make sure our tax dollars are not wasted.”

I am deeply concerned about public education. I am an educational researcher and the founder of Education Futures, a think tank and advisory firm with a service mission, providing assistance governments, schools, and universities in the Americas and Europe. I have centered my academic and professional lives around planning for the future across many cultures around the world, working with organizations as small as one-room schools up to major institutions such as the World Bank to provide thought leadership. I’ve authored or edited several books on educating for the future, and have given hundreds of invited talks around the world.

I’ve seen what works and have ideas for how we can improve. I hope to bring my deep expertise into our school district, show leadership, contribute to the conversation, and find solutions so we may best help students and our community members achieve their best education futures.

We have to remember that our people make the district great; not budget spreadsheets. My financial priority is to put students and working families first. I will use my business background as an asset to be a watchdog to make sure our tax dollars are not wasted. I will use my academic and professional background to help bring our community together and plan for the future.

As I continue my journey, I love to share what I’ve learned and am honored that it’s inspired the creation of innovative schools around the world. Here are some other highlights:

  • Creator of the knowmads concept, which takes a futures-oriented approach to envisioning human potential development in the next 10 years, and the implications for education today. This work has inspired the establishment of three Knowmads schools in Europe and Asia, and a high school in Mexico.
  • Researcher and co-creator of the invisible learning metatheory for reframing human capital development in an era of exponentially accelerating technological and social change.
  • Thought leader and facilitator of the Minnevate! dialogue process to build an action agenda for educational leadership in Minnesota. Sponsored by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, the project is a grassroots opportunity for communities to come together and identify pathways for forming positive futures for children, supported by Minnesota’s public schools.
  • Global speaker and trainer with hundreds of invited engagements across four continents, including four TEDx talks. External consultant and trainer for the Inter-American Development Bank.

Academic qualifications

Ph.D., educational policy and administration, University of Minnesota

Master of International Management, University of St. Thomas

B.A., international studies, American University